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Shield Mask – Protects Comfortably and Affordably


Outermost Layer: Breathable, silver-ion treated fabric killing environmental pathogens.
Middle Layer: Filter airborne particles
Innermost Layer: Gentle and smooth on your skin, silver-ion treated fabric killing germs.

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SHIELD is a 3-layer protective mask that eradicated 99.9% of disease-causing agents and microbes. The European advanced silver-ion antimicrobial technology infused in SHIELD‘s fabric kills pathogens like infectious germs upon contact.

Made for comfort, SHIELD features breathable fabric and also an adjustable loop for different face shapes and sizes. SHIELD is stringently tested in the laboratory and can be worn for 24-hours up to 100 times after each wash. All these while still maintaining its antimicrobial effectiveness, the SHIELD mask establishes itself not only as an affordable option for everyone but also stands out with the highest possible protection and maximum comfort.


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